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Passenger Car


Release your ego

Phenoma – Lassa’s brand new performance tire – is designed for sports cars and sportive drivers. With its excellent handling, it offers driving to the limit on both dry and wet surfaces. Phenoma’s quick responses to sudden moves and excellent braking capacity will surely fascinate its user.

Impetus Revo 2

Highest performance in the most comfortable driving experience

Impetus Revo, which is a tire in the comfort segment of Lassa, is developed to be used in wide range of vehicles from middle class sedans to top class comfort automobiles. The vehicle users, who expect superior quality, unique driving comfort and absolute vehicle control, will be impressed by the performance of Impetus Revo.


Natural Selection

In a time of increasing fuel costs and global warming efficiency is the definition of fitness. With Lassa’s upcoming eco-friendly Greenways tyres’ low rolling resistance you will have a lighter touch on nature as well as on your resources.

4x4 & SUV

Competus H/P

High performance on road with quiet and comfort drive

Competus H/P, latest addition to the family of Lassa, with its superior road performance and sporting design provides quiet and safe driving pleasure on asphalt.

Competus H/L

With Competus H/L, enjoy SUV driving in the city

The Competus H/L, designed to provide drivers with superior ride comfort and a silent driving experience. Competus H/L combines the comfort and luxury of a touring car together with the style and character of an SUV, and delivers the exceptional performance and sophisticated design that drivers demand.

Competus A/T

Power is with you on all surfaces

Designed as an on/off radial for 4WD and recreational vehicles, Lassa Competus A/T is a versatile, traction tyre that can handle all types of weather on all kinds of driving surfaces including snow, mud and dirt.

Van & Commercial


Van tyre for maximum wet traction and ride comfort

Don’t let heavy rain, rugged and crooked mountain roads, steep urban roads, and environments such as motorways requiring high speed and performance hold you back.