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Mission Statement & VALUES

We are all responsible for our actions and as a company hold honesty and integrity as the guiding principles for these actions.

Treat all with respect;

Employees, suppliers, customers, distributors and all other key stakeholders should be shown respect by all in the organization

Honesty in all we do;

Honesty allows the company to break down barriers that may hinder us going forward.  It is an integral part of how the company operates at all levels and with all stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction is key;

Our customers are critical to our success and without them we would not exist.  We are customer-focused and responsive, listen to their needs and suggestions and driven to exceed their expectations. Quality is our goal, and we take pride in everything we do.

Quality and continuity in products and service;

To be good for one day is acceptable but to be good continuously in all we do is our aim.  This is vitally in respect of customer service and the products services that we supply and sell.  Our customers’ knowing that a product sourced from us can be sourced again and again is a key foundation of our business.

We regard suppliers as partners;

Our suppliers are key to the development of the company and a productive working relationship with them is beneficial to our and their development.  We owe our suppliers the same type of respect that we show to our customers.  Our suppliers deserve fair and honest feedback on performance, working together we can achieve so much more.

We value our employees and they are critical to our success;

Employees must treat one another with respect and trust.  We value their proficiency, expertise and knowledge.  Our continued success requires us to invest in the education and development needed to help our people and the company grow stronger.  We are committed to providing the right tools and environments for our employees to carry out the roles in a safe and efficient manner.  Working as a team in all we do will allow us to achieve our goals.


At Tyre Spot we aim to provide our customers with the tyres and associated products and services that they need, to ensure trouble free and safe motoring.

Continuity of supply, excellent customer service and having our customers’ safety in mind are our priorities. Offering value and ensuring customers for life not just for today.

Vision Statement

To become the most productive and efficient tyre and related product supplier in Northern England, offering a valued return for all of our key stakeholders.