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Driving safely through storms

With Storm Malik and Corrie hitting the North East recently, we’ve put together a short guide on travelling safely through storms and high winds.

Take note of travel warnings

Some storms are so dangerous that you may be advised to avoid travelling if possible, or to stay indoors. Always take note of this advice and in the event of any adverse weather, you should ask yourself if your trip is necessary.

Drive carefully

During any storm, you should only travel if necessary. If you must go out, here are some pointers to keep you safe whilst driving:

Snow and ice

  • Where possible, in any adverse weather, drive on main roads. Main roads are likely to be clear and any hazards are usually spotted and cleared faster than on other roads. If it’s snowing or icy, a main road is usually first to be gritted and plowed.
  • Keep a close eye on other road users and double your usual gap from the vehicle in front of you. Accidents are more likely to happen in poor weather, so take your time and prepare yourself for some unexpected actions from other road users.
  • Clear your windscreen – The Highway Code makes it clear that you must be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle.

Rain and flooding

  • Even light rain can affect your vision as well as affect your braking distance. Reduce your speed in rain.
  • Never drive through flood water. A small amount of water is enough to severely damage your car’s engine, and just 12 inches of flood water is enough to cause your car to float! Find an alternative route.


  • If winds are strong enough to rock or shake your vehicle, be sure to grip your steering wheel firmly.
  • Be extra careful when overtaking, especially when overtaking cyclists as they can easily be knocked over by strong winds. Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians who can also be blown over.


In the event of any storm, make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time to complete your journey and if possible, don’t travel at all.


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