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Here at Tyre Spot, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient battery in your vehicle.

That’s why we supply and fit Bosch Batteries – Bosch are industry leaders in battery technology and their batteries come with a three year guarantee as standard.

Most modern batteries don’t require any regular maintenance – but that doesn’t mean they can’t become faulty over time. Tyre Spot recommend you pop in for a free battery and alternator check on a regular basis, to ensure your battery is running as it should.

You may need a battery check if you’ve noticed your vehicle isn’t operating as it should. Here are some common complaints that could be battery related:

  • Your car won’t start, or is struggling to start
  • Your ignition is making a clicking noise
  • Your lights are dimmer than usual
  • A warning symbol has appeared on your dashboard

Pop down to your local Tyre spot and we’ll run a full battery check, free of charge. Our experienced technicians can also fit your new battery should you need one.

Battery cost is dependent on the make and model of your car. Pop into your local Tyre Spot to get a more accurate quote.

Tyre Spot recommend that you replace your battery every four years – but you may need to replace it sooner if you notice any issues.

Leaving your car standing for too long, letting your battery reach low temperatures and over-charging can all lead to battery faults.

It takes around an hour to replace a battery, but we may ask you to leave your car for longer in case we uncover further issues with your vehicle