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The exhaust is an important part of your vehicle and is vital in keeping your car running. Alongside ensuring fumes safely exit your vehicle, an optimal-performing exhaust does so much more – such as reducing fuel consumption and improving performance.

Your exhaust system covers a large part of your car and is made up of several individual components – if just one of these components is faulty, you’ll find issues will start to appear quickly.

Due to the location of your exhaust and its components, you probably won’t be able to see a fault – but you’ll certainly be able to hear it! A faulty exhaust is very noisy, and most noise complaints are related to the exhaust system.

Hissing, grinding, rattling and chugging are the most common sounds that emerge from a faulty exhaust. However, we recommend you come to Tyre Spot for an exhaust check for any noise complaint.

It’s difficult to say how much a repair would cost without first inspecting the vehicle. Tyre Spot will check your exhaust for free and if you do need a repair, our experienced technicians will let you know the cost.

Yes! We can supply and fit any section of exhaust you need. We carry a large stock of exhaust components for a fast, while-you-wait service.

An exhaust check at Tyre Spot is free! If any work is needed to your car, we will let you know and ask if you wish to go ahead.