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If your car is three years old or more, you’ll need an MOT test. Booking an MOT test with Tyre Spot is simple – just use our online booking system where you can choose your nearest branch and pay online.

An MOT test ensures that your car is roadworthy and safe to drive. Our expert technicians will make sure your car meets the standards and requirements as set by law, and will provide you with everything you need to drive away safely.

The MOT Test Check List

An MOT costs £39.95, or £29.95 for Club Tyre Spot members. Join Club Tyre Spot

We usually ask that you bring your car in for a half day for its MOT – this gives us time to deal with any problems should they arise. The MOT test itself can take as little as an hour.

Yes –  Make sure your car is serviced every year. We recommend a Short Service once your car is a year old and a Master Service for older cars.

Ensure you check your tyres every month for air condition, pressure and tread depth and if you’re ever in any doubt, pop into your local Tyre Spot for one of our FREE car checks. We can check your car’s oil, battery, wheel alignment and more.

An MOT test is a legal requirement once your car is three years old, and you will need to book one every year thereafter. A service is not a legal requirement, but it will keep your car in good condition and help maintain its value. It is expected that a car is serviced every year, so you may run into difficulties if you try to sell the car at a later date without an annual service.

A car that passes its MOT isn’t necessarily a car that is running optimally, and a service will be able to identify ways to improve fuel consumption, performance and more. Find out what is included in your service.

A service not only checks your car for any problems, but a service with Tyre Spot will also include a Castrol oil change, oil filter replacement and a few extra checks to make sure your car is performing at its best.

A service will help a car keep its value, improve fuel economy and extend your car’s life. A poorly maintained car can cost more in the long run and a service helps avoid that. Our technicians will look for issues that could affect running costs, performance and efficiency.

We recommend booking a service alongside your MOT to keep your car in good condition.