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Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension work together to keep your tyres firmly on the road and your car under control. It’s vital that your steering is in optimal condition to ensure a comfortable ride, excellent handling and most importantly, a safe journey.

Your Steering and Suspension is hidden away, so you won’t be able to see if it’s been damaged. Here are a few signs that you should check your Steering and Suspension:

  • Driving or steering has changed – it’s become more difficult to steer, steering feels looser or driving simply feels different.
  • Unusual noises whilst driving, such as banging or knocking.
  • Your drive is uncomfortable or you’re experiencing travel sickness.
  • Drive is bumpy or your car is rocking.
  • Uneven tyre wear.


Tyre Spot offer a free Steering and Suspension check to give you peace of mind. If you have concerns about your Steering and Suspension, pop into your local Tyre Spot and we can take a look for you. If you do need any repairs, our experienced technicians will carry them out to Tyre Spot’s highest standards.

A Steering and Suspension check at Tyre Spot is free! If any work is needed to your car, we will let you know and ask if you wish to go ahead.

It’s difficult to say how much a Steering and Suspension repair would cost without first inspecting the vehicle. Tyre Spot will check your Steering and Suspension for free and if you do need a repair, our experienced technicians will let you know the cost.

  • We recommend you routine check your Steering and Suspension once a year – however, a Steering and Suspension check is included as part of your annual service. As long as you’re attending your service (which we highly recommend) then you won’t need to book an annual Steering and Suspension check.
  • If you’re experiencing any changes to steering or the feel of the car on the road
  • Every 50,000 miles
  • When your tyres are replaced


If your tyres are replaced at Tyre Spot, we will check your Steering and Suspension as standard – but will happily carry out a free Steering and Suspension check if you had your tyres fitted elsewhere