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Wheel alignment, also known as tracking, sets the position of your wheel correctly (as per the manufacturer’s specifications).

Incorrectly aligned wheels can be responsible for a range of problems, such as:

  • Uneven tyre wear and/or excessive tyre wear
  • Poor steering and handling
  • Excessive fuel consumption


Our technicians are expertly trained in wheel alignment and will provide you with a full report on your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

We believe a correct wheel alignment is vital to keep your tyres in great condition and to ensure your safety. A correct wheel alignment not only keeps you safe, but it also saves you money! You can save up £110 annually just by having correctly aligned wheels.

If you think a poor wheel alignment is to blame for your issues with your car, pop into your local Tyre Spot for a FREE wheel alignment check, where our expert technicians will use specialist equipment to identify any tracking issues. You’ll also receive a report with your wheel alignment results.

The initial wheel alignment check is free. If adjustment is required front wheels only start
from £40.00 with four wheel adiustment from £90.00. Full castor camber from £160.00

You should have your wheel alignment checked every 3 – 6 months, or when you hit a kerb, pothole or anything that could affect wheel alignment. You should also have your wheel alignment checked when you have new tyres fitted, or any parts relating to the steering replaced.

A wheel alignment takes around one hour to complete – you can wait in branch or leave your car with us while it is performed.

Yes! On average, you could save up to £110 annually by having correctly aligned wheels. Wheel alignment can affect your fuel consumption on the roads, and if your wheels are incorrectly aligned, it can make your petrol costs shoot up. Not only that, but a poor wheel alignment can also increase wear and tear on your tyres, so your tyres will wear out and need replacing faster.