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At Tyre Spot, we understand that your horsebox is more than just a trailer - it's carrying some very precious cargo! We appreciate that for our horsebox owners, safety is paramount, which is why we take the time to ensure you have the right tyres for your horsebox.

If you’re not sure which tyres you need for your horsebox, don’t worry! Our expert technicians will help you choose suitable tyres for your horsebox, and correctly fit them for you in branch.

A tyre blowout on the road with a horsebox can be an incredibly stressful and often distressing experience. To help you avoid this, we offer FREE tyre checks for all horsebox owners. Whether you have concerns about your horsebox tyres or if you would just like to have them checked before setting off on a long journey, you’re always welcome to pop into one of our branches for your free tyre check.

Aside from the obvious signs, such as a puncture, there are several other reasons to look into buying new tyres.

  • Tread depth – If your tread depth is below 1.6mm, your tyres are no longer road legal and it’s time to change your tyres.
  • Tyre condition – If your tyre condition is poor, has splitting, cracks or bulges, your tyres may no longer be safe to use. Monthly tyre checks are recommended for all vehicles, including horsebox tyres.
  • Age – How old are your tyres? Once they are approaching ten years old, you will need to invest in new tyres for your horsebox. As horseboxes aren’t typically used every day, you may not notice your horsebox tyres ageing and, depending on how often you use your horsebox, you may find they are still in great condition after many years. Despite this, you must change your horsebox tyres once they reach ten years old.
  • Flattening – Horseboxes typically do low mileage, and can sometimes be left standing for months at a time. The weight of your horsebox may cause your tyres to flatten and interfere with the integrity of the tyre wall. Make sure to check your tyres before you use your horsebox if it has been unused for some time.
  • Before any journey with your horsebox, Tyre Spot recommend you check your tyres. If you aren’t confident doing this yourself, simply pop into one of our branches for a free tyre check.

Yes! We’re more than happy to check your tyres for free and help keep you safe on the roads. Simply pop into your local Tyre Spot and one of our expert technicians will be more than happy to help.

Before you venture out in your horsebox, Tyre Spot recommend you check:

  • Your tyre’s inflation pressure
  • If the tyres have any cracks or damage
  • Tread depth – the legal minimum is 1.6mm
  • Flat spots – your tyres may have flat spots if your horsebox has been left standing for a long period of time. This can cause punctures.
  • Your spare wheel. Tyre Spot recommend you always keep a spare wheel available for your horsebox should the worst happen. Remember, not all horseboxes have spare wheels as standard.